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A job worth doing, is worth doing well!

Roebuck & Bartlett specialist


To intending and past customers.


Due to failing health I am no longer able to continue the supply of the range of parts that I have over the last 30 years.

I will have some items until my present stock runs out.

Thanks to those of you who bought my books and DVD’s.

The Roebuck Legacy sold out very quickly so I have had 10 more sets of Parts 1 & 2 printed.

Len Elliott



About the supply of cured cattle tails, my son Steve is handling that and contact him at (03) 4114 3936


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2nd August 2017

Contact Len

LELL5270@bigpond.net.au or call (03) 9874-2181


For tails contact Steve Elliott at

call (03) 4114 3936

For parts, a restoration kit, information, or a horse, please contact us.


INFORMATION is the only thing you can give away, yet still keep, but it must be treated like manure, which does no good in one heap, but needs to be spread around to fertilize that which it comes in contact with!

Leonard Elliott

NEW  pages of information are added from  time to time. NEW INFO ADDED

Take a look at my expanded CD/DVD list of How To Do It.

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The new Roebuck books arehere!

80 Pages with lots of pictures


There will only be 15 printed and signed copies

(Half of which are already ordered and there will be no more)


$36 AUD each plus $11 AUD postage


Same format as Roebuck book


Also available on DVD in PDF format for $25 AUD free postage

(PLUS a bonus “How To” included)


To order your copy please contact me at

Email: Lell5270@bigpond.net.au

Phone: (03) 9874-2181

New Book on Bartlett Horse